Hero or Zero

We all like video games, who doesn't?


Do you sit there, working your controller, totally getting into your character and wishing that you could somehow be there taking action like your character does? Here's your chance! Be the victor you've always wanted to be. Now it's your time to do this.!


You wanted a Zombie apocalypse, now you've got it!!


World-Wide Response is  attempting to take over the world and they will stop at nothing. Releasing  a bio-agent to raise the dead this part of their plan. Your job this will neutralize the opposition force in any of the dead standing in your way.

The Duel

Who's the baddest operator in town?

Go head-to-head with your friend or our staff member to see who the fastest pistol and rifle operator is. Bring your "A"  game.

The Hunt

The enemy is out there.

A highly trained group professional soldiers or waiting for you. They are looking to take your freedom and destroy your country. Do you have what it takes to stop them?

Hostage Rescue

They are known to employ the most ruthless interrogators. It's up to you to rescue our spy inside their organization before they give up vital information. Infiltrate and eliminate is the name of the game and bring our asset home.

Fail Safe

Failure is not an option!


Prevent the worldwide destruction of humankind, deactivate the device before it's too late! You, are the final option.

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