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Day of Defiance


We get gamers off the couch. Time for you to quit twiddling your thumbs and get your butt out there to do what you were born to do, to be the character you've always wanted to be. We give you the opportunity to use real weapons and training ammo to go force on force with the bad guys  that want to destroy your world. The cool thing is, this is not lethal and nobody gets hurt, but the intensity is real. Dress up, gear up and let's do this!


It's okay rookie, we all start somewhere. With this package you get the very basics a gun and ammo, you also get a staff member that can carry your gun for you if you need us to. We stop at carrying your gun,  we don't change diapers and we don't give hugs.

Don't know what FNG stands for....... I rest my case,

Price: $75.00


You get the gun and you get some gear, you have a holster, sling and a  load-bearing vest, everything  you need to prove that you're a bad ass. Our staff member ain't carrying anything for you, it's all you and your badassery.

Price: $90.00

Ultimate Operator

So you want to be an operator?


Here's your chance, you get all the gear, everything you need to be the ultimate warfighter. Do you have the skill to go with the gear?

Price: $100.00

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