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Denver, It's Here!

Shoot Live Zombies in a themed setting that will leave you shaking and wanting more. Put down your controllers and come experience a real life 1st person shooter experience defeating Zombies! Both Men and Women are going through this and have incredible things to say about it. 

Day of Defiance

World Wide Response is an NGO committed to helping those in conflict zones. The global partnerships provide food and aid to those stranded in war torn countries. The goal of the organization is to see an end to all wars. Their Venture Capital Group started the “Wheat for Weapons” campaign in an attempt to disarm the rebels in these troubled areas.

Due to the danger of that campaign, they had to hire a security firm Stabilization Operations Consultants. This company was started by a former special operations commander of the UN. This company has offices all over the world and the ability to put 30k special security personnel in any place in the world in 72 hrs.

Some saw this partnership as their salvation……..

It was the beginning of the end.

WWR was swiftly the victim of a hostile takeover; all of their assets were seized in an insider trading scheme. As the SEC conducted its investigation, the leadership of the WWR Organization were disappearing. No one realized that Stabilization Operations Consultants had covertly taken control; nobody saw the threat as it was. The 30k personnel was more like 3 million, soon the asymmetric and unrestricted warfare campaigns began, the systematic strikes on critical infrastructure was the beginning. Western nations were targeted first; the small elite security personnel were good at their craft. Small terrorist organizations were recruited to assist in the worldwide domination for SOC.

The leaders of the free world were targeted to create chaos. The USA lost most elected officials in 24 hours. Posse comitatus was not suspended because we had no House of Representatives and the White House has gone dark
SOC thought they sent the world into chaos.

They ignited the fire for freedom, brave souls from around the world refused to be victims of oppression, the word wide resistance to SOC started. They decided to go on the offense against SOC the first organized strike against the SOC was Code named “Operation Defiance”. The strike day was kept a secret and only spoken of as the Day of Defiance.

The fight for worldwide freedom begins............

Are you a patriot?

Do you have what it takes to help liberate those that are oppressed?

Test your mettle, join the fight!

Put your controller away and experience a realistic first person shooter experience.

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